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Build Enterprise-Grade Cloud Apps & Microservices In Under 30 minutes

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Some of Our Customers
"The best practices are used so it helps the teams to get it right from day one."

Digital Transformation Initiatives Execute Too Slowly

“… only 8% of global companies have been able to achieve their targeted business outcomes from their investments in digital technology. Said another way, more than 90% of companies are still struggling to deliver on the promise of a technology-enabled business model.”

Source: Bain & Company

XOOM Is the Solution



XOOM platform

A modern and open source platform SDK to efficiently build high-quality cloud apps & microservices – Optimized for Domain-Oriented Microservice Architecture (DOMA)

XOOM Designer

XOOM’s visual designer enables rapid modeling to low-code implementation of cloud-native apps and microservices; transition to full-code development

XOOM Cloud

Our cloud service is ideal for customers who want to host cloud apps and microservices with popular cloud infrastructure providers.​

Support Services & Community

Enterprise-grade Support & Training

We offer standard or customized XOOM support packages.

If you need more help jump-starting your projects, we offer hands-on consulting to get you up and running in no time.

Vibrant Open Source Community

Our community of contributors with leading-edge skills improve XOOM every day to meet new customer and market challenges.

"It takes care of boring and repeatable implementation aspects of creating a DDD project. Leaves me with a lot of capacity to focus on domain modeling and business problem-solving."


"I think that VLINGO XOOM allows you to not worry about technical details and focus about what really matters and brings value."

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