Reactive Scale and Fault-Tolerance.

A key component that sits on top of our Reactive foundation, supporting the development of scalable and fault-tolerant tools and applications. You will implement and deploy your services/applications in clusters, with managed actor message passing between cluster nodes.

In addition to scalable fault-tolerance we also provide cluster-wide, synchronizing attributes of name-value pairs. This enables the cluster to share live and mutating operational state among all nodes. Likewise, application-level services can also make use of cluster-wide, synchronizing attributes in order to enhance shared application/service values.

Generally a cluster will be composed of multiple nodes of an odd number (not just one, but for example, 3, 5, 21, or 49), which best supports our consensus protocol in determining a quorum of healthy nodes. Due to our Reactive foundation, even a small number of nodes may outperform much larger clusters that use blocking runtimes.