Getting to know VLINGO/LATTICE

What is it?

A compute and processing grid for VLINGO/ACTORS, as well as tooling used for Reactive Aggregate persistence, projections, querying, and messaging across Bounded Contexts. The VLINGO/LATTICE component supports Reactive Domain-Driven Design projects that are highly concurrent. The tools of the component include compute grid, actor caching, spaces, cross-node cluster messaging, publish-subscribe, message/event feeds, CQRS, and Event Sourcing support.

Tell me more!

There are numerous features to VLINGO/LATTICE. They include Grid, Exchange, Processes, Routers, and CQRS, Sourcing, and Object Persistence. Process Managers or Sagas provided by VLINGO/LATTICE are: ObjectProcess, SourcedProcess, and StatefulProcess.

Which process manager should you use?

Choose based on your preferred persistence type. If you prefer Object-Relational Mapping, use ObjectProcess. If you prefer Event/Command Sourcing, use SourcedProcess. If you prefer key-value, useĀ StatefulProcess.

Do you support Exchange Feeds?

Yes, VLINGO/LATTICE supports Exchange Feeds, which are messages packaged in logs and generally provided through HTTP requests. Our Exchange Feeds naturally work with the built-in FeedResource support of VLINGO/HTTP.